Much like a motivational speaker, physical therapist, or nagging wife, the Subsidies have one purpose in life: to get you off your butt. Based in Minneapolis, this energetic quintet of co-eds has been taking the mid-west by storm since before Brittney Spears went insane and tanks of gas cost less than a kidney on the black market.

Brothers Dave and Joe Lover formed the group after hearing far too many typical cover bands sleepwalk their way through lame sets of the same old schlock. The Subsidies defy the mold set by their peers, merging contemporary hits with the best of the classics. From Maroon 5 to Michael Jackson, Blink 182 to the Beatles, the Killers to Neil Diamond… nothing is off limits. Check out the song list.

As comical as they are color coordinated, the band works it gig after gig to make sure everyone in the bar is part of the party. Make it out to a show and see for yourself or contact Jeff, our booking dude, at booking@thesubsidies.com if you’re interested in having the Subsidies crash your bar or event.

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