As the lead singer for the Subsidies, Collin’s duties include carrying Laura’s stack (no, not sexual) into each show, entertaining Cougars (they enjoy his baby soft skin and love of van art), and experimenting with alcoholic shots – he has yet to find the perfect blend of powerful booze and Kool-aid drinkability.

Those who come to a Subsidies’ show will also be witness to Collin’s on-stage banter. With topics ranging (in no particular order) from outercourse, the Internet (a series of tubes transmitting data from “here” to “there”), kids these days, pubic hair, satin panties, the smell of failure, and his personal favorite, taupe colored underwear, Collin has perfected the art of dead-time filler.

Collin is the only band member to see a female breast (3 and counting) while performing. His tally of thongs thrown at him is now 6. So, yeah, he’s loving this band thing.

The Subsidies
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