Dave Lover, whose real name is “David Von Leach Erickson Garthalomeau IV,” was born with three ears – an elfin sign for “a god placed on earth to do battle against the Haggist," a band of evil paradoxical nerf-herders. Throughout David’s early, formative years in the upper regions of the mid-central United States, he was groomed to fight for the people, using his extraordinary hearing skills to listen for the advancing Haggist armies. After the battle of Mintone Park in 1984, David and his minions defeated the Haggist army, leading to a new era of peace and love – called the “Ninth Era of the Gorge.”

With his fighting days behind him, David set out to use his third ear for good; for music. He dabbled with the skin flute, the guitar, and the Irish lute, finally settling on the drums – a skill which serves him and the band well. After moving from an electronic (some say “fake”) drum kit, David settled on a beautiful drum set, which he named “Jones the Great.” Come to a show and watch as David plays drums for the sake and hopes of children everywhere.

Long live David. Long live Jones the Great.

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