Joe eats guitar for breakfast. This is the same Joe Lover who once out-dueled Carlos Santana (not the famous one, but he of Carlos and Son's Plumbing out of Oswego, MN) in a thrill-a-minute guitar race to the death. Just know that when Joe starts playing, pants start dropping (usually his from a lack of belt).

Joe likes long walks on the beach, butterfly kisses, and delivering severe ass-kickings through his St. Paul based fight club. The club has a much more lax discussion policy than that OTHER fight club. Joe can, and often times will at great lengths, talk about fight club.

Joe has 412 guitars, and like Shaquille O'Neil and his shoes, Joe insists upon using a brand new, never-before-used guitar at each and every show. "There's just something joyful, yet mournful, about a pure guitar," claims Joe. Fans have taken to digging through alleyway garbage bins post-show to find Joe's discarded, unloved guitars.

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